Fine Art Editioning

Printing Service...
Because of the diverse nature of printing blocks themselves, and the many ways in which a print can be pulled, price for an individual print or a limited edition varies greatly.

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Fine Art Editioning Service

There are two main printing techniques used.

Relief technique can utilize a wooden or linoleum printing block. Intaglio technique most often involves a zinc or copper plate.

In any case, an agreed upon number of prints are taken from the block or plate using one of the etching presses pictured in the Press Gallery.

Printing is by hand, inking up a plate for each individual print or impression. At the end of the printing run successful prints are gathered together into a numbered, or limited edition.

Printing on the large press involves more labour, time and concentration. An experienced assistant is needed. Every part of the printmaking process is magnified. Material costs increase with size too. 

A completed edition for Judy Watson is pictured, photographed by David.

Printmaking Workshops

David can provide an introductory workshop for up to three people at a time.  Two sessions are usually needed to arrive at a print. 

The first session will only run for an hour or two at most, and involves an overview of the block making process, and a demonstration or two.

The participant then takes their prepared block home to complete at their own pace. It is suggested the first plate or block be kept to a smallish size, until the artist gets an understanding of the process they wish to use.

Once the block is ready to process, participants return for the second session which will take 4-5 hours. By the end of this session a participant should have a few proofs to take home.

Photographed by David.

Advanced Printingmaking Workshops

There are many techniques to explore in printing, like multiple blocks, viscosity prints,  a la poupee ink application and jigsaw plates, colour blends, offset techniques and combination prints.

Paper is another consideration, its colour, type, and weight. Variations in ink type, colour, translucency and stiffness are all considerations in bringing the best result out of a printing block.

Advanced workshops are tailored to the needs of the individual art practitioner.

Of course if the artist is a printmaker and simply wishes to print their own work, the studio can be hired for a reasonable rate.

Photographed by David.